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Mill Chase Academy

School Uniform




Black with embroidered badge (supplier only).

Royal Blue Polo Shirt

with school logo – (supplier only).


Plain black - Not denim or denim-style & no large flares, very tight trousers or leggings. No fashion trousers with decorative silver buttons, belts or decorated pockets.


Plain black – (supplier only)


Plain black and polished with a sensible heel. Black trainers or any type of trainer shoe are not allowed. Boots should only be worn under trousers. Shoes with high or stiletto heels are not allowed.

Jumper (optional item)

With logo (Supplier only).

PE Uniform



White Polo Shirt

With embroidered school logo – (supplier only).

Black Shorts


Short white or long black.

Black Tracksuit Top (optional)

With embroidered school logo (supplier only).

Black Tracksuit Bottoms (optional)

(supplier only).

Swimming costumes/trunks


For all students black soled trainers cannot be worn in the gym or sports hall unless marked "non marking". (Gymnastics is done in bare feet).


Only the following jewellery may be worn:

If a student has pierced ears then a small pair of studs can be worn (one stud per ear maximum).

Other forms of jewellery (e.g. rings, necklaces, fashion or charity bands, bracelets, nose studs/rings, tongue studs, lip studs or rings, eyebrow studs or rings, spacers) are not allowed. Any such items will be confiscated.

Students who decide to have body piercing carried out during term time will be expected to remove the stud/ring etc. Plasters covering such items will not be permitted as an alternative. Students who do not follow these rules can expect to be removed to work with a senior member of staff or will be sent home until these items are removed. Tattoos are not permitted.

During some lessons Students will be required to take off even permitted jewellery.

False Nails and Nail Varnish

False nails and nail varnish are not permitted in school.


Blazers are only available from the school’s suppliers. Blazers must always be worn to school (i.e. not left at home or carried in school bags). Blazers should be worn in lessons, assemblies, and registration time, unless the teacher gives permission for them to be removed (e.g. for practical lessons or when it is hot).

Topcoats should never be worn in lessons, assemblies or registration time, unless the teacher gives permission in exceptional circumstances (e.g. because it is extremely cold). At break and lunchtime blazers can be removed.

If a topcoat is worn out of lessons then a blazer must be put on first. If a topcoat is needed as well then this can be worn over the blazer. A topcoat must not be worn instead of a blazer.


Trainers should only be worn during PE lessons, or when participating in a physical sport at break or lunchtime.


No badges should be worn apart from the school badges issued to students.


The following topcoats are not acceptable: denim jackets, leather studded jackets; jackets or sports jackets with badges, designs and slogans. Students should not wear T-shirts or non-regulation jumpers, cardigans or hoodies, as topcoats. Plain coloured coats are acceptable and should be waterproof and windproof.

Marking Uniform

All items must be clearly marked with the student’s name. This will help to prevent items becoming lost and enable mislaid articles to be traced.