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Mill Chase Academy

Academic and Pastoral Staff

Academic & Pastoral Staff

   Mrs Moral     Deputy Principal Responsible for Academic and Pastoral Support 
   Mr Bremner
   Academic and Pastoral Leader – Blue House 
   Mrs Hale    Academic and Pastoral Leader – Red House
   Miss Lissoni    Academic and Pastoral Leader – Yellow House 
   Mrs Wallond 
   Academic and Pastoral Leader – Green House 
   Mrs Evans    Pastoral Support and Guidance Manager
   Miss Riva    Pastoral Support and Guidance Assistant
Blue House Mentors  
   B1         Mrs Henderson
   B2         Miss Jones
        Mr Riley
        Mr Harvey
        Mr Fisher
          Friday - Mrs Toombs
        Mrs Evans
Green House Mentors
   G1                Miss Twine
   G2          Miss Pope  - Mon Mr Squires
   G3          Mrs Hatter
   G4          Dr Thresh
        Miss Scott
   G6         Mr Thompson
         Tues and Thurs - Mr Squires
Red House Mentors
   R1          Mrs Cross 
   R2         Miss Weeks
   R3         Mrs Kimsesiz
   R4        Mr Rose
   R5              Ms Hinks      
   R6        Miss French
Yellow House Mentors
   Y1            Mr Hale
   Y2       Ms Duffield
   Y3       Miss Marshall
   Y4       Mrs West
   Y5       Mrs Beatty
        Friday - Mr Oliver
   Y6       Mr Denton