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Mill Chase Academy

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week there has been considerable media coverage which has caused some parents concern relating to schools needing to reduce GCSE courses and increase class sizes as a result of funding shortages in schools.  As many of you will have read, schools are being expected to make £3 Billion worth of savings by 2020.

The position at Mill Chase is that we will not be reducing any courses and remain fully committed to our smaller than average class sizes, which contributes to a more personalised approach to learning at our school.  We have strengthened our GCSE curriculum in recent years by allowing students to begin their GCSE courses at the start of Year 9 which is one year earlier than many schools.  This allows students to spend more time studying the subjects they enjoy and to select more GCSEs by having 4 rather than 3 choices.

Year 11 students have completed their second set of mocks this week and may I remind Year 11 that on Monday they will have their Year Group photograph at 8.35.

Newsletter Issue 23

Mr P Hemmings, MA